About Us

ITFuxion Technologies Inc.  operates as an IT service provider, focusing on delivering high-quality and cost-effective engineering outsourcing services, IT support, and IT project management solutions to various start-ups and small and medium-sized companies throughout Ontario

The Company specialise in providing a wide range of IT support services, including IT project management, IT support, and on-site and monitoring services, as well as outsourcing IT engineers. The implementation of these services into the day-to-day operations will significantly benefit various enterprises, giving them the advantages of operation scalability, more robust disaster recovery, easier access to subject matter experts, lower costs, and the ability to focus resources on core business development.

ITFuxion Technologies Inc.’s high-quality, cost-effective IT solutions will enable clients to successfully solve existing problems, automate business procedures, and achieve their technology-related objectives. The Company’s comprehensive IT services will involve complex analyses and processes that will require specialised qualifications. Therefore, a skilled workforce is critical, as IT solution contracts are usually signed based on a company’s technological knowledge, technological capability, and success from previous projects.

Mission Statement

ITFuxion Technologies Inc.’s mission is to establish itself as a company with the most diverse, affordable, and superior IT support in Canada. The Company will achieve this through continuous introduction of new and continuously improving, cost-effective services. ITFuxion will aim to be an agile, well-disciplined, and responsive enterprise that will provide personalised solutions that will meet the clients’ needs. The Company will look to maintain high-quality customer service with a focus on building long-lasting relationships with clients. Over the following five-year period, ITFuxion will become an essential part of the Canadian IT community by providing companies with high-quality development and consulting services for their information technology requirements.