Managed IT & Data Solutions

Managed IT Services, more and more companies adopt to this model of IT support in recent days. The term IT Support is too broad and is not well defined. As a Managed IT Services company Bluechip understands the need to provide 24/7 services and quick turnaround times to our client’s requests.

If you are looking for a trusted third-party organization for your IT Support and Solution needs, your search ends here at Bluechip. We provide an SLA based IT service contract which clearly defines our deliverables and timelines.

Managed IT Support Services

We are distinctively different than other IT companies due to our outstanding position in customer service. Our dedicated professionals are strongly regarded for outstanding phone support, personal training, or an outsourcing package designed to fit the needs of the company. Unlike many IT companies in UAE, we offer full-time support services for the convenience of the company.

Benefits of IT Support

When it comes to IT Support ITFuxion brings you the best in class services and we can proudly say that we are a one-stop-shop IT Support and Solution provider.

With our offices strategically we can reach you at very short notice.

• Complete Company Support
• Expert Technical Approach
• Fully Skilled in IT Services

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Services We Provide

Managed IT Services

ITFuxion’s managed IT services allow businesses to outsource their IT operations and give the Company’s specialised personnel complete responsibility of managing their IT systems, which will include round-the-clock monitoring, issue resolutions, and reporting on security and compliance, networking and infrastructure, disaster recovery, and cloud services. ITFuxion Technologies Inc. will incorporate stringent mechanisms in place to avoid hacking, ransomware, and data theft.

The Company will keep the clients’ systems, servers, and communication networks up and running 24/7, eliminating potential downtime.

Operations Management

As IT operations management refers to the administration of all technology components and application requirements within an organisation, the Company will provide IT infrastructure, capacity management, cost-control activities, performance and security management, and availability management for all IT infrastructure and assets. ITFuxion Technologies Inc. will follow the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework of best practices and processes in order to effectively execute the routine tasks necessary to support the operation of applications, services, and hardware components.

IT Project Management

ITFuxion Technologies Inc.’s IT project management services will specialise in planning, coordinating, and executing projects according to specific requirements and constraints. The Company’s in-house professionals and independent contractors will perform some or all of the activities related to IT project work, from conceptualisation to completion with an emphasis on creating and maintaining project milestones and the project schedule. The end goal of every ITFuxion’s project is to complete the project development on time and within budget conscripted by the client.

The Company’s project management services will help organisations achieve project goals and objectives within scope, time, and budgetary constraints. ITFuxion Technologies Inc.’s personnel will also be able to optimise the allocation of IT resources and integrate the inputs that will drive the completion of the IT project’s objectives.

IT Consultancy

As technology can be used to drastically improve businesses’ performance and security, the Company’s team of professionals will analyse a variety of industry technologies to choose the best method for the client’s business according to their specific requirements. ITFuxion Technologies Inc. will conduct research to fully understand the client’s needs, vision, and the desired outcome. Once the scope of the work is determined, the Company will provide transparent and effective communication, which allows for further flexibility of the overall IT consultancy process.

Businesses need to maintain the security and operational integrity of their data processing environments. The Company’s IT consulting services will include ongoing processes designed to support normal IT and business operations and identify and address any IT-related concerns before they negatively impact the business. ITFuxion’s professionals will work with clients to define and establish logging, monitoring, alerting, incident response, business continuity, and disaster recovery processes.

IT Networking Solutions

The Company will set up networking systems with proper documentation and design which will be scalable for changes in the future and will save costs on using extra equipment. ITFuxion Technologies Inc.’s employees will provide the best services and a cutting-edge solution to clients’ businesses and ensure that the network will perform at its peak without any issues and will remain secure against internal and external threats. ITFuxion Technologies Inc.’s networking solutions will be viable for small companies who want to compete with big companies in the market and have visionary thinking to excel in the competitive environment. Networking will keep their employees connected and enhance their productivity.

Small companies will be able to benefit from ITFuxion’s networking solutions, especially those which are operating on wireless technologies on one network, voice and data services, as they can benefit from additional advantages including:

  • Security benefits from viruses, hackers, and threats that can breach clients’ confidential data
  • The ability to shift or change users on the network with ease and make changes cost-effectively
  • Clients’ networking systems will be flexible, adding new capabilities to the system as required can be performed without expensive upgrades

IT Support Contract

The Company’s IT support contracts will include hardware, software, and service maintenance options with an option for implementation of security software, testing of backup systems, installation of software updates, and administering general technical support. ITFuxion Technologies Inc.’s IT support process will follow a series of common steps to track and resolve incidents, such as:








Upon the completion of the initial steps, a post-mortem will take place that will focus on root causes and plan on how to introduce improvements and long-term fixes that will reduce future incident reoccurrence.

Engineering Outsourcing

The Company’s engineering outsourcing activities will focus on the transfer of responsibility of an organization’s architecture and engineering functions to a team of full-time and part-time Engineers. By doing so, businesses will be able enjoy many benefits such as reduced operating costs, improved technology capabilities, increased technical support, and more focus on core business drivers.

IT Support

The Company takes proactive approach to all projects to gain a better internal understanding of the project, create a process roadmap, and allow greater flexibility to accommodate changing client requirements. ITFuxion Technologies Inc. will strongly emphasise the Company’s agility and responsiveness to client requirements through one-on-one interaction and maintenance of constant dialog with clients.

ITFuxion presents clients with a survey to ascertain what clients require and what is important to them and their business from a marketing standpoint. Upon completing a survey, the Company will create a comprehensive strategy for the service execution. Based on clients’ goals and requests, ITFuxion Technologies Inc.  develops creative ideas, concepts, and process roadmap that will help them to improve work efficiency, build customer relationships, enhance effective business management and reduce costs. 

Services & End Point Management

ITFuxion Technologies Inc. are specialised in monitoring small business servers, terminal servers, as well as file and print servers. The Company uses proprietary monitoring tools and software to measure key metrics on the clients’ critical servers, constantly checking for threats, ensuring security and stability, and maximising uptime and employee productivity. ITFuxion utilise specialised processes to:

  • Restrict access to the network for only authorised endpoint devices and their users, either on-premises or over a broader network (e.g., a wide area network or the internet)
  • Apply and monitor endpoint security policies throughout the entire network with small software apps on each managed device (agents)

Enable security administrators to manage these devices and processes from one central console or application

Structured Cabling Solutions

The Company collaborates with prominent vendors in the cabling market to procure structured cabling that will act as an infrastructure made up of smaller, standardised elements. ITFuxion Technologies Inc. installs these structured cabling systems to support all of the rapidly advancing technology requirements in the modern work environment. ITFuxion uses its structured cabling systems as a network cable solution that will organise clients’ infrastructure. The Company’s approach to procurement and installation will help clients to future-proof their business by accommodating any new hardware they add while supporting the increasing amount of data businesses use every day.